BankMill Mobile Apps are a suite of Mobile Apps available on the Android platform.Currently the following apps are available:

  • BankMill Mobile App for Bank’s Customers (also called ePassbook)
  • BankMill Mobile App for Bank’s Agents (Agent Banking)

All apps have a modern colorful look and feel to make banking a fun experience for the App users.

Exciting and easily identifiable icons in the bottom band allow the user to access the various features easily.

This document gives the various features of these apps.

Detailed functionality document can be sent on request.

Mobile App for Customers

This app is used by customers of the bank to do various tasks. These are:

  • Select Account to Transact
  • Get Account Balance
  • Update Passbook
  • Account Statement and the
  • General Features given in this document itself but in a different section.

Update Passbook

This allows the user to update his passbook at any time by simply pressing a button. When this button is pressed the mobile app accesses the bank’s databases and downloads the new transactions and updates the local database on the mobile phone.

Account Statement

This tab allows the user to view his account statement using the local database on his mobile phone. Because the customer’s transactions are stored on the local database in the mobile phone customer can view his account statement in an offline mode also.

Mobile App for Bank’s Agents (Agent Banking)

This app is used by Bank’s Agents to do various tasks. Further all the features of Mobile App for Bank’s Customers are available in this app to allow the Agents to do their personal banking transactions.

The tasks that an agent can do for his customers are:

  • Deposit Money
  • Get Agent’s Account Balance
  • Withdraw Money (Optional and can be disabled at the configuration level)
  • In addition, the agent can view all the transactions done by him for his customers for a specified period

Both of these can be done in two modes:

  • Online Mode
  • Offline Mode

Transactions done in the online mode are reflected in the CBS database in real time.

Transactions done in the off line mode are uploaded to the CBS database when the app goes online and the agent presses the update button.

The amount of single transaction and the summated transactions that can be done by the agent are parameterized at agent level.

The available limit is released when the agent deposits non-customer money in his account via a cash deposit or transfer from a non-customer transaction.

General Features Across all Apps


Each customer is identified by the system by his mobile number. A default account number is associated with the mobile number which can be changed by the user at his discretion at any time.

To register, the user first registers his mobile number by using a prescribed form of the bank. He will then download the App and send an SMS to get a password for it.

On receiving the SMS, the system sends back a unique password to the linked mobile phone.

Sign In

In order to access the apps, there is a Login Screen which allows the user to enter his Mobile Number and Password.

Change Password

The password can be changed at any time by the user.


Benefits to Banks

Mobile apps can run on the customers or agents’ phones and the bank does not have to invest in any special devices. By enabling the customers to do their own transactions, balance checks and passbook updates, a significant effort of the bank is reduced leading to time and money savings.

Benefits To Bank's Customers

Customers feel self-reliant and do not have to go to the bank branches to do normal banking. Most of the work can be done by the customers making them feel empowered.

Benefits Specific to Agent Banking

  • Time: The bank and the agent have the latest updated account details at all times when the agent is online.
  • Effort: Currently agents have to visit the bank with their device each day to upload the entered data and download the customer information. With this app they will not need to visit the bank each day. They will be able to upload the data from anywhere just by being online and download the latest customer details online.
  • Money: Proprietary agent banking  devices are very expensive. This  app runs on regular android phones . Nowadays almost everyone has an android phone . These phones are cheaper than specialized agent banking devices. if the bank  gets a new agent the bank will not  have  to buy these proprietary expensive machines
  • Image:It gives a nice image that your bank is a modern bank aware about the latest technology using smartphones for banking. The app looks   smarter than the other bulky devices
  • At Least 20% to 30% Increase in Agent Daily Collection

Comparison (Legacy machines / Manual with BankMill Mobile App.)

This Section gives the comparison of existing legacy machines with BankMill


Pigmy (Legacy) Machine / Manual

BankMill Mobile Apps for Agent

Setup within minutes

Not Available


No Daily Visits required to Branch

Not Available


Both Collection and Withdrawal Supported

Not Available


Instant Credit to Customer Account in CBS

Not Available


SMS based Receipt to Customer

Not Available


Both Online and Offline mode Supported

Not Available


More Secured for Banks- Limit Based Collection and Withdrawal for Agent

Not Available


Ramp-up Agents from 0 to 100 with in minutes

Not Available


Cost Effective for Bank

Not Available


Easy Tracking of Agents

Not Available


Online Statement for Agents for Cross Checking

Not Available


Option to Collect from other Agent’s Customer too

Not Available


Solution Architecture

The mobile App runs on an Android phone or device and accesses the Mobile App Server over the internet.


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